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You Don't Need a Gummy Machine: The SMARTER Method for Depositing Candies at Scale

  • 2 min read

A question I get all the time is: ”So, what exactly isFlood & Scrape?”

In a nutshell, it is, pound-for-pound, the most efficient strategy for depositing gummies into molds that I know of.

And I recommend it to ALL of my clients.

Gummy manufacturers often think they need to buy a gummy machine depositor if they're going to run a high volume gummy operation.

And, sure – depositors can be a great (though expensive!) option for streamlining your operation.

But they are NOT absolutely necessary, by any means.

So in today’s article, I wanted to give you an overview of how to achieve a proper Flood & Scrape setup

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Let’s get to it!


The basic steps to establishing a Flood & Scrape table can be summarized as follows:

1. Get a stainless steel table

Don’t skimp on the quality here! A strong and well-made stainless steel table is essential for dealing with the heat from the gummy slurry.

You do NOT want your table to start bowing. Trust me.

2. Buy some metal bar that you can use to frame out the perimeter of the table

No need to overthink this step.

The perimeter is to hold the molds in place, and stop your slurry from pouring off the side.

That’s it.

Any metal bar product that is rigid and tall enough to do that will suffice.

3. Take that metal bar to a machine shop to have it modified to allow attaching to the table

This could mean drilling holes that allow for bolting the metal bar to the table, or otherwise cutting it to shape to allow for convenient clamping, etc.

4. Build a perimeter that perfectly fits however many molds you want to grid out on the table

Exact measurements are required here!

Our goal is to minimize waste, so a tight fit is essential.

5. You’re set up! Now flood the top of the molds with slurry and guide the mixture into the cavities with a scraper

Part of what makes Flood & Scrape such an elegant and efficient system is its simplicity.

All you need is a few pieces of strong steel and the 5 steps outlined above (along with high-quality molds and a rock-solid recipe, of course), and you too can be running high volume in no time.

Be sure to peep our IG for a ton of examples from our clients, like this one…

Flood & Scrape provides a cost-effective solution for professional gummy operations that are looking to scale up their production without investing in a gummy machine depositing system.

F&S enables gummy manufacturers to increase output and efficiency without breaking the bank, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

So why wait? Partner with DCM today to bring the highest quality molds on the market to your gummy operation, and let our build out specialists help guide you through your very own Flood & Scrape setup.

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