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More than molds.

We believe that lean, purposeful workflows are at the core of all successful gummy operations. Our multi-axis approach combines the insights of industry experts with our Rose Pro™ Series mold technology to help clients build optimized processes and highly scaleable manufacturing models that endure the test of time.

"I've been using silicone molds made by the big guys for 30 years. Finding Dark City has been a revelation. They are top quality in both materials and manufacturing. Whether you are using them for cannabis edibles or in a conventional restaurant, having these molds will change your life."

-Kriss Harvey, andSons Chocolatiers

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“I have been in the gummy game for 8 years and have tried a ton of mold companies. Dark City Molds has the best molds in the industry. They are obsessed with innovation, quality and top notch customer service and they never stop hustling. Because of that, they have solved for most of the obstacles gummy operations face, so you don’t have to!” 

-Jamie Payne, Lunchbox Alchemy

Recipe Matters

The majority of gummy recipes on the market prioritize flavor and neglect operability. This leads to compounding inefficiencies that cost brands tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Whether you're a small startup or large company, Dark City's Formulation Division provides our clients with the expertise necessary to create ambitious, unique gummy SKUs that seamlessly integrate with our Rose Pro™ molds, while remaining chemically stable at scale.

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