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Myth Busting Pectin Gummies

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In case you haven’t heard, pectin gummies have been enjoying a significant surge in popularity among consumers in recent years.

As gummy enthusiasts increasingly seek plant-based alternatives and textural variety in their confectionery choices, pectin gummies have emerged as a versatile and appealing option. 

This growing trend has obviously piqued the interest of shrewd gummy making professionals who are eager to explore the potential of pectin gummies in their product lines.

However, despite this rocketing popularity, several misconceptions about the appeal and operability of pectin persist within the gummy industry. 

These myths often discourage gummy makers from fully embracing pectin as a viable gelling agent, delaying or totally derailing their plans to manufacture a pectin gummy.

Part of our mission here at DCM is to provide gummy makers with accurate information to empower them in their creative endeavors.

Which is why in today’s blog we’ll be busting the 2 Biggest Myths of working with pectin gummies!

By understanding the unique attributes and advantages of pectin gummies, you can make informed decisions, develop innovative products, and cater to the evolving demands of your clientele.

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Myth 1: “Pectin is only for Vegans” / “Pectin is less appealing than gelatin.”

One prevailing myth surrounding pectin gummies is the assumption that pectin gummies are “only” for vegan and vegetarian consumers.

And that all other customers are so accustomed to classic gelatin-based products (like gummy bears) that they would simply reject alternatives.

Now, it’s a fact that confectionery pectin is a vegan ingredient (which is one of pectin’s strongest advantages!), and it’s also true that gelatin-based products are historically more common.

But the idea that pectin gummies don’t have broad appeal?

This happens to be far from the truth.

According to a recent consumer preference study by Cargill, pectin gummies scored towards the top of the charts for consumer preference, while gelatin-based products, although still popular, scored lower. 

What this means is, while nostalgia and familiarity play a role in consumer preferences, the presumed bias towards gelatin is likely not as strong as many believe.

And pectin seems to be preferred by most consumers over all -- not just among those with plant-based diets.

There are two major reasons for this!

The first is pectin gummies have a softer texture.

Many who are getting in the gummy game often assume that people overwhelmingly prefer the “classic” mouthfeel and bounce of gelatin gummies.

Turns out this is not necessarily always the case.

Consumers often display an agnostic attitude towards gummy texture, and -- according to the Cargill study mentioned above as well as our own experience with clients -- most actually prefer the clean bite-through of pectin.

Pectin's softer texture offers a more ”grown up” eating experience (ie, it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth!) that appeals to a very broad audience, indeed.

But this isn’t the only attribute that gives pectin gummies an edge over their gelatin-based counterparts.

The second reason many prefer pectin has to do with flavor release.

On a chemical level, the “gel network” formed by pectin, sugar, and water molecules when gummies cure is relatively weak, and breaks down easily once consumed.

This leads to a quicker release of flavor, which lends pectin gummies their much-deserved “punchy” flavor reputation.

Well, so much for Myth #1 -- turns out people love pectin gummies!

But I know what you’re thinking: “That’s great and all, but what about actually working with pectin? I’ve heard that it’s extremely difficult to use.”

Well, I’m glad you asked, because that leads us to…

Myth 2: "Pectin Gummies Set and Cure Too Quickly to Operate at Scale"

We hear some version of “Pectin is unworkable at scale!” all the time, usually in the form of horror stories from our clients that are relatively new to the space.

“The mixture is setting before I can get it into the molds!”

“I tried to develop it for 3 months and then had to just GIVE UP!”

“What’s going on?!”

Well I can tell you -- literally 100% of the time -- when you look under the hood of these operations, what you find are sub-optimal processes leading to consistently frustrating results.

And believe it or not, the main culprit behind this myth is an all-too-common misalignment of investment priorities amongst startup gummy makers.

Let me explain.

Often, folks getting into the gummy game look to invest in equipment first. 

After all, if you want to make gummies, don’t you need a gummy machine?

(As it happens - and as we’ve written about before - the answer to that question is a resounding “NO!”)

And once they pony up for the expensive equipment, they invest in the cheapest molds they can find, and then often seek to figure out the recipe using free resources they find on the internet.

But this, once again, is exactly backwards.

The primary investment priority must be the recipe, followed closely by your gummy molds, and then (maybe!) equipment.

Why should locking down a recipe be your number one priority?

Because it is the basis for everything. A solid recipe framework not only helps you dial in the standout features of your product, but it also determines the limits of what is possible operationally.

And this brings us to the myth we’re here to discuss: the idea that pectin is “unworkable” at scale.

You see, this misconception is borne of a sadly common lack of understanding about fundamental gummy chemistry.

Because too many, too often, deprioritize their recipe when starting out, gummy makers can become quickly and consistently frustrated with pectin, and many never learn how to properly handle it.

And it’s such a shame.

I’ve watched dozens of gummy makers waste literally hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on time-intensive R&D built on faulty science, only to later give up on pectin altogether.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The fact is, working with pectin gummies at scale is not only achievable, it is downright straightforward - if you are disciplined and know what you are doing.

The key is you must invest in processes that are predicated on a thorough understanding of gummy chemistry, and also vetted by industry pros.

The free information on Reddit and mommy blogs (while great for what they are!) just isn’t going to cut it when aiming to produce a shelf-stable product at scale.

Precise control of variables like brix, pH, and temperature will allow you to tailor set and cure times for large-scale production - and avoid the nightmare scenarios mentioned above.

And the best part? Making the necessary adjustments to your recipe and workflows often renders investing in expensive gummy making equipment wholly optional.

This means gummy makers can confidently leverage hand-depositing methods like "Flood & Scrape," which work extremely efficiently with pectin gummy recipes.

How do we know?

Because over the years, we’ve helped thousands of clients achieve scaled F&S operations with pectin.

So is pectin unworkable at scale?

Hardly. All you need is a couple strong stainless steel tables, high quality gummy molds, and a Gold Standard recipe to debunk this myth for yourself.

Now have at it!


By dispelling the misconceptions surrounding pectin gummies and providing accurate information, we here at DCM aim to empower professional gummy makers to unlock the true potential of this versatile and appealing ingredient. 

At the end of the day, consumers love pectin gummies. And armed with the right chemistry knowledge, you can be catering to this huge (and growing) market.

To that end, be sure to explore our Gold Standard Pectin Recipe & SOP, a meticulously crafted – and flexible – guide designed to bring out the best in your unique pectin gummies.

Browse through our extensive library of stock gummy molds, featuring a diverse array of shapes and designs, from classic to contemporary.

Looking for something truly unique? We are here to turn your vision into reality. Partner with us to create a custom gummy mold tailored to your specific needs.

Now is the time to embrace the potential of pectin gummies. 

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