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Gummy Mold FAQs

Silicone Gummy Molds

There's a variety of methods for demolding platinum silicone. The most common is to wait until your gummies are set then flip your mat over (gummy side down) and peel it back in a c-curve motion, like a bed sheet. This splays the cavities open and removes wall friction while the floor of the gummy mold buckles outward. These combined actions result in your gummies ejecting from the mold.

Our Rose Pro™ Series silicone is a premium European siloxane polymer that's FDA approved for food-contact safe applications. It exhibits a higher durometer than most platinums commonly used for candy production as well as a unique "natural slip" finish. Because of this higher durometer, Rose Pro™ is especially well suited for flood and scrape applications or workflows that require high volume mold transfer. This material can also yield a smoother candy finish and reduce set times in certain recipes

Rose Pro™ is our flagship premium silicone and a unique material in the world of food-contact safe polymers. With it's firmer durometer, Rose Pro™ exhibits superior flex, demold ergonomics, surface finish, durability, and in certain recipes, accelerated set times.

Our Trans Platinum is a softer durometer silicone that's comparable to other platinum materials currently found on the market. Trans Platinum offers all the standard advantages of platinum silicone at a competitive price point.

Our Rose Pro™ Series silicone gummy mold is expected to last for 8+ years with proper care and use.

Our Trans Platinum silicone gummy mold is expected to last 5+ years with proper care and use.

Lead Times & Payment

Since the majority of our gummy molds are poured to order, typical stock mold leads vary by quantity. See below for a list of estimated processing times (business days) based on mat quantities on "no minimum" orders.

1-10 mats: 2 days + shipping
11-24 mats: 3 days + shipping
25-49 mats: 5 days + shipping
50-99 mats: 8 days + shipping
100-149 mats: 14 days + shipping
150+ mats: Contact us for details

For gummy molds that require a 20 mat minimum, please factor an additional 7-10 business days into the above lead times.

Custom mold prototypes are shipped within 72 hours of render approval.

Master tooling is 10-14 business days.

Once your master is complete, we manufacture your custom gummy molds at the following estimated rates:

20-49 mats: 5 business days + shipping
50-99 mats: 8 business days + shipping
100-149 mats: 14 business days + shipping
150+ mats: Contact us for a custom lead estimate

We accept credit cards, ACH transfers, bank checks, and money orders.

Shipping & Returns

We typically ship through USPS or UPS depending on the size of your order. If you have a shipping account or alternate carrier you'd like to use for larger orders, please contact us and we'll be happy to assess.

Yes! Please note that international shipping charges will apply. All import fees and compliance requirements are the responsibility of the buyer.

Due to health and sanitation considerations, we do not allow returns of our stock or custom gummy molds. If you'd like to test one of our products, we suggest purchasing a single mat prior to placing a larger order.

If you've received a gummy mold you believe to be defective, please contact us immediately with photos of the defect and we'll be happy to assess the situation and potentially set up an exchange.

Please note that all of our gummy molds are made by hand. While we exercise maximal attention to detail in all of our production process, small non-critical variations are to be expected and embraced. 

While all of our gummy molds are engineered to last for years of continual use, we additionally offer our best-in-industry 18 month warranty from date of receipt on every mold that leaves our facility.

Gummy Recipes & SOPs

Within 24 hours of purchasing our SOP, you will receive an email that contains our standard licensing agreement. Please review and reply to that email with a signed copy of the agreement. Within 24 hours of receiving, we will send out your SOP, scaleable recipe, and a copy of your executed agreement. You will also receive an outline for recommended next steps as well as the contact info for our lead hydrocolloids scientist. Have questions along the way? Feel free to ask!

Yes. Our SOPs represent decades of hard-earned industry experience and thus are sold to clients as Dark City's intellectual property. While fully adaptable for usage by the licensee, our licensing agreement ensures that this IP is not proliferated on the internet or given to other companies that have not paid for the information.

Due to being a digital good, we're not able to provide refunds on our Gold Standard Gummy SOPs and Chef's Signature SOPs. If you'd like to learn more about what our SOPs include, please don't hesitate to reach out at (828) 333-7414.

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