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Make Your Gummy Brand Stick with Custom Silicone Molds

  • 3 min read

Today I want to talk about branding your gummies.

After dialing in your operations and product quality, the branding of your SKUs becomes the most important consideration as you begin to scale.

Of course, you want stand-out packaging - unique bags or bottles with custom art - to help distinguish your product visually from your competition on the shelf.

But when you want to take your branding the extra mile, that's when you start looking at custom molds.


Custom Mold close up in our Rose Pro material
Custom Molds = Custom shapes & concepts that are memorable. And this makes a world of difference

See, this is the whole thing with custom molds that people don't quite realize.

A lot of people think, Putting your logo on the gummy or doing a custom shape - that’s just a gimmick right? Just a flourish?

But it’s much more than that.

What you’re really doing is Primary Product Branding. You're stamping your product in the memory of your client.

And with candy, your primary product is what your customers are literally consuming, It’s visceral.

Think of it this way: primary product branding for your gummies is an opportunity to delight and make a brand impression on your customer the very instant your gummy hits the taste receptors and kicks off the dopamine system in the brain.

You really can’t create a better marketing opportunity than that.

And as I hear from my clients time and again, gummies with custom shapes lead to exponentially more people returning to your product, wanting that exact same thing - rather than just trying your stuff once and then moving on.

This is really how you build loyalty in candy. You get in your customers’ minds, and you stay there.

After you lock in the primary product branding, that’s when you want to turn your attention to the packaging and the art.

Take a multi-faceted approach to branding: Do everything you can in every arena to stand out and have even just a little bit higher quality than everyone else.

Because when all those factors combine, that's how you become your customers’ favorite brand.

Despite there being other products out there that are seemingly similar.

But make no mistake: primary product branding is the most important element.

Think about how this plays out in an organic interaction. Let’s say someone hands you a nondescript square gummy– Unless you see the packaging, you wouldn't know who it came from, right?

See, a lot of products in this space are white label, which is why there’s so little primary product branding on so many gummies.

And there’s nothing wrong with that of course. None of this is to suggest you can't be successful doing that. There're plenty of operations focused on the use of standard shapes for white label.

But when you have something that's unique and distinct, customers remember it.

People ask for it at a dispensary. Or they say to their friend: Hey, what was that flower shaped gummy you gave me the other day?

Or the airplane shape. Or that gummy that looked like Snoop Dog.

The options are as boundless as your creativity and imagination for your brand.

The bottom line is this:

With custom gummy molds, the word-of-mouth value of your product skyrockets.

This is why at Dark City Molds, we tool every strategically designed master mold to such exacting standards - both functionally and aesthetically.

Our clients know the value of getting their primary product branding just right - and so does Dark City.

So what are you waiting for? Have a unique design in mind for your next gummy SKU? Give us a call or fill out this form today, and we’ll partner with you to bring your unique brand vision to life.

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