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6 Reasons To Use Custom Gummy Molds For Candy & Edibles

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There’s no doubt that edibles are on the rise, but did you know you can use custom gummy molds to give your CBD-infused company the upper hand online and in-store? Hemp and CBD products, able to ease symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, and stress are helping hundreds of thousands of people across the country. As a natural way to treat a wide range of health conditions and frustrating symptoms, a growing number of brands are now offering edibles as part of their product range.The question is, how can you make your delicious CBD goods stand out? 

Commissioning a custom gummy mold from Dark City Molds can help elevate your brand and business above your competitors online and in-store. Creating an attractive shape or design for gummies, caramels, or hard candy, can instantly give your brand a unique selling point. Plus, custom gummy molds are not solely reserved for CBD gummies. Many US confectionery brands are also using bespokecandy molds to introduce new sweet designs and add logos to their goods. 

So, without further ado, let’s explore 6 reasons to invest in high-qualitycustom gummy molds for CBD edibles and regular candy. 

1: Enhance Product Branding

Marketing is all about being memorable as a brand, and for all the right reasons. From offering high-quality goods to providing excellent customer service, branding can significantly impact your online reputation. But there is another powerful way to position your company as an industry leader and innovative brand. By usingcustom gummy molds, you can enhanceproduct branding and make your CBD edibles, hard candy, or caramels completely bespoke and easily recognizable. 

By using a distinctly different shaped mold that incorporates your branding or logo, should anyone take a picture of your candy and post it online, it will be easy to spot and identify the brand behind the delicious products on social media. Take this a step further by adding additional marketing messaging to your CBD-infused candy, such as a tagline or abbreviation of your business name. Strengthen your brand identity with candy molds that are as unique and bespoke as you and your business.

2: Give Yourself An Edge Over Competitors

It’s a competitive world out there, and the global cannabidiol market is said to be worth $4.6 billion. In fact, the industry is expected to grow by over 22 percent in the next four years. (1) To make sure your CBD edibles stand out, it’s time to get creative withcustom candy molds. Position yourself as an out-of-the-box brand and delight your customers with bespoke designs, styles, and flavors of CBD edibles. Consider creating weird and wonderful flavors, unusual and striking designs, and use your artistic flair to become memorable as a brand. 

3: Add Value To Your Customers 

Create delicious CBD edibles and bespoke gummies that add value to your target audience. Create holiday-inspired candy perfect for gifting over the Christmas period with festive infused flavors, make CBD edibles in the shape of leaves to celebrate the arrival of fall, or add notes and mini-messages that compliment your brand and will entertain your target audience. Custom gummy molds give brands a unique way to make their products more interesting. 

4: Use Custom Candy Molds For Brand Awareness 

‘Design is the silent ambassador for your brand’ Paul Rand 

We will form an opinion about a product based on the design alone and usually before learning anything about the product and its benefits. This is just how humans naturally behave. (3)

Creating branded gummies, hard candy, or CBD edibles with your branding on can also be used for creative brand awareness campaigns. Reward loyal customers by sending them a delicious and branded treat when they next place an order with you. Gift branded candy to your employees or send them out to business connections to keep your business at the top of mind. 

5: Create A Competition For Social Media

Another smart way to usecustom gummy molds in this digital-first world is to combine this unique selling point with a social media competition. By commissioning our team to createcustom candy molds, you can design a challenge, such as collect all unique candy shapes for a chance to win a luxury holiday. 

Or, you could opt for a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket competition, where one gummy is special and uniquely designed. Whoever finds the special gummy could win a cash prize or a year’s supply of your goods, for example. Promote your delicious competition on social media to create a buzz about your brand. (4)

6: Use Gummy MoldsTo Reflect Intended Use 

If you are offering bespoke and infused cannabis goods and edibles, investing in acustom gummy moldcan also help to reflect specific products that have an intended use and purpose. Some people invest in edibles purely for recreational use, whereas others buy CBD for its medicinal purposes and to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety. There is also a specific market for professional athletes who choose CBD for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. By identifying each individual target market, product range, and intended use, you can usegummy molds to add special designs that are easily identifiable, memorable, and attractive. This highly targeted approach to candy design can also help make products unique and give them a more luxurious feel. (5)

AtDark City Molds, ourcandy moldsare made in the US from 100% platinum silicone and using oil-free technology. FDA approved, we empower our clients to commissioncustom gummy moldsthat are cannabis-friendly and can position your brand and products as luxury, desirable items. 

If you’d like to harness the power ofcustom gummy molds for CBD edibles or regular hard candy and caramels, feel free to check out our3D render approach to candy mold creation here. 

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