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Gelatin Gummy Recipe & SOP


Our Gold Standard Gummy SOPs serve as the premier industry blueprint for gummy manufacturing. Whether you're a small startup or large operator, our step-by-step recipe guide empowers users to master the skills and processes necessary to create a large variety of stable, scalable, and fully customizable gummy SKUs. 

Our Gold Standard Gelatin SOP includes: 

  • Chemically stable framework with designated inputs for various flavors, colors, etc.
  • Flexible template that provides options for both conventional and clean label ingredients
  • Fully scalable recipe (Excel format) 
  • Detailed procedural framework with all Critical Control Points (brix, temperature, timing, and PH)
  • Appendix of recommended vendors, ingredient suppliers, and flavor houses
  • One hour of consulting with our lead hydrocolloids scientist


An icon of candy culture, the gelatin gummy is about as ubiquitous as it is well-loved. Despite it's track record, gelatin also presents a variety of challenges to the infused confectioner, ranging from mold sensitivities to structural instability. Our Gold Standard Gelatin Recipe & SOP was designed to minimize or eliminate these risks by providing a chemically superior framework that's also fully customizable. Backed by expert hydrocolloids support, our SOP teaches users the sequence of recipe procedures and Critical Control Points (CCPs) necessary for successfully manufacturing shelf stable, gelatin-based gummies at scale.


All SOPs are sold under Dark City's Licensing Agreement. Once purchase is completed, you will receive an email within 1 business day with a PDF attachment of the agreement. Please review and reply with a signed copy. You will receive your SOP (1 Excel & 1 PDF) within 24 hours of submitting. If you'd like to preview our Licensing Agreement prior to making your purchase, please contact us.

Note: Our Gold Standard Gummy SOPs are formulated to accept a variety of legal active ingredients and nutrient adds. Dark City Molds expressly prohibits the usage of our products for any illegal purposes. As digital products, all SOP purchases are final and non-refundable.

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