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ElectroStove-20 Electric Cooker

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The ElectroStove 20 by Savage Bros offers a larger solution to the Firemixer 14. It's simple operational parameters allow users to just plug it in, set the variable heat control, and turn out a perfect batch, time after time.


    • A unique coiled heating system embedded in an insulation mantle shaped to fit the contour of the kettle
    • A focused heating design to move 90% of the heat energy to the kettle.
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Special ventilation is not required
    • Will not heat up your kitchen
    • ETL certified to UL electrical standards
    • ETL certified to NSF sanitation standards when used with a stainless steel kettle

ElectroStoves can be used with both copper and stainless steel 20" kettles. Available in both 11 & 16 gallon sizes. Product photo shows copper kettle option. 

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