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3.6mL Gumdrop Gummy Mold - New Mexico THC Symbol



  • Shape: Gum Drop / Half Sphere
  • Volume: 3.6mL
  • Estimated weight: 5g*
  • Cavity dimensions: ⌀21.1mm x 14.6mm
  • Mold dimensions: 258.7mm x 363.3mm
  • Pieces per mold: 140
  • Compatibility: Hand Fill, Flood & Scrape, Universal Depositor
  • Material options: Rose Pro Series, Platinum Pro, Platinum Lite


  • 100% FDA Approved Food-Contact Safe Platinum Silicone
  • Temperature Resistant - Freezer, Dishwasher & Oven Safe
  • Half Sheet Molds Are Optimized to Fit 2 Molds Per 18” x 26” Full Size Baking Sheet
  • Strategically Designed Geometry Optimized For Rapid Extraction
  • Proprietary Natural Slip Finish For Oil Free Workflow
  • Precision Diamond Tooled Masters For Superior Detail & Finish
  • Guaranteed Highest Resolution Designs On The Market
  • Rapid Demolding Rates - Extract up to 1000+ Gummies Per Minute
  • Perfect for Gummies, Hard Candies, Caramels, Chews, Chocolates, and More
  • 6-10 Year Expected Lifetime with Proper Care & Use


Every mold that leaves our facility is covered by DCM’s 18 Month Gold Standard Warranty. If you experience any issues within that period, we'll immediately exchange the mold in question. No hassle. No fuss.

Dark City is committed to creating the highest quality platinum silicone molds in the world. Whether you’re manufacturing gummies, hard candies, caramels, chews, or other confections, our diamond tooled molds will provide superior finish and detail to ensure maximal aesthetic clarity and operational efficiency for your manufacturing workflow. We’re proud to offer best-in-industry performance with our Rose Pro Series™ silicones as well as the most competitive price points on translucent platinum molds currently available.

*Assumes a 1ml : 1.4g recipe ratio. Since weight is a metric of a recipe's specific density, we cannot exactly determine the weight of your specific recipe. Please consult the designated volume (ml) specification above to calculate a more exact weight (g) reading. All Dark City Gold Standard SOPs yield a 1ml : 1.4g ratio. 

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