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From high-efficiency custom molds to expert recipe development, our fully integrated approach provides the most effective systems to take your brand from concept to cash flow. 

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Perfection Is Our Standard

Premium Molds that Bring Your Product to Life

From classic gummy bear molds to eye-catching jewel molds, with Dark City, your product possibilities are endless. Our precision tooling offers the cleanest finish and finest detail in the industry. Let us show you why we pride ourselves on creating the world’s highest quality platinum silicone molds.

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Custom Molds Build Brands

You Dream, We Create It

Dark City empowers your brand to create unique products that are operationally efficient and aesthetically impactful. Our platinum mats are manufactured using the finest materials, designed to maximize legibility and optimize workflows. Take your business to the next level with innovative, dynamic concepts brought to life by our gummy mold experts.

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Exclusive Gummy Recipes

Produce Top-Tier Candies

Create delicious, shelf-stable candy using our industry-leading recipes and SOPs. Dark City’s formula division specializes in the highest quality recipes for gummy manufacturing on the market. Available in vegan, non-vegan, and sugar-free varieties, we offer a solution for every type of customer. Whether you’re a new startup or an established manufacturer, our step-by-step guide demystifies the process and sets you on the path to success from day one. 

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Why Choose Dark City?

Not Your Average Mold Maker

Sure, Dark City Molds designs, machines, and manufactures the highest quality candy molds on earth, but we’re more than just mold manufacturers. Our unique ecosystem combines formulation, equipment, and workflow expertise to ensure healthy companies at every level of scale.

Unrivaled Customer Support

We’re in the business of building businesses that succeed. We understand that optimized operations are the direct result of comprehensive strategy. When you join our ecosystem, our team of experts becomes your team of experts, ensuring you have the resources necessary to make purposeful, effective decisions. 

Precise. Efficient. Impactful. 

Industry-leading brands choose Dark City as their source for premium products, high-quality recipes, and dynamic molds because we don’t take shortcuts, and we never settle. Our dedication to excellence in every stage of gummy production makes all the difference.